Extraction of Non Ferrous Metals

Course Name: 

Extraction of Non Ferrous Metals (MT406)


B.Tech (MME)




Programme Specific Electives (PSE)

Credits (L-T-P): 

(3-0-0) 3


Silver: sources, extraction by cyanidation, refining; gold: sources, concentration methods, gold recovery, refining; chromium: occurrence, production; cadmium: sources, extraction, recovery from secondary sources; mercury: sources, extraction from cinnabar; uranium: ores, processing of uranium ores, solvent extraction, reduction, production in India; thorium - sources, extraction and its purification; beryllium: types of ore, production, zirconium: sources, extraction and its refining, separation of Zr and Hf, fabrication of zirconium, production of zirconium in India; titanium: sources, beneficiation methods of illmenite, production of titanium tetrachloride, the Kroll process; molybdenum: production of powder and ductile Mo; tungsten: ores, concentration methods, production of tungsten trioxide; production of tungsten powder and ductile tungsten; tin: types, smelting of tin concentrates, refining of tin.


H. S. Ray, A. Sridhar and K. P. Abraham, Extraction of Nonferrous Metals, 1985, EWP, New Delhi.
Sevryukov N., Nonferrous Metallurgy, 1975, Mir, Moscow.
W. H. Dennis - Metallurgy of the Non-Ferrous Metals, Ed.2, 1966, Pitman, London.


Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

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