Steels & Their Heat Treatment

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Steels & Their Heat Treatment (ML800)


M.Tech. in Materials Engineering




Elective Courses (Ele)

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(3-0-0) 3


Iron and its solid solutions, iron - carbon equilibrium diagram, plain carbon steel, influence of alloying elements in Fe-C alloys, low alloy steels, heat treatment of steel, formation of martensite, bainite reaction, concept of hardenability, tempering of martensite, thermomechanical treatment, surface hardening, stainless steels, tool steels, embrittlement and fracture of steels, Cast irons: characteristics, applications.


R.W. K. Honeycombe, Steels - Microstructure and Properties, Edwards Arnold, 1995.
W. C. Leslie, The Physical Metallurgy of Steels, McGraw Hill Book Company, New York, 1982.
F. B. Pickering, Physical Metallurgy and the Design of Steels, Applied Science Publishers ,1978.


Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

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