Foundry Technology

Course Name: 

Foundry Technology (MT402)


B.Tech (MME)




Programme Core (PC)

Credits (L-T-P): 

(3-0-0) 3


Patterns, sand moulds, moulding processes, special casting process, evaluation and characterization of moulding materials, cores and core materials, mould production, core production, sand compaction, foundry machines, moulding equipments, foundry layouts, mechanization & automation, different types of foundries, solidification, growth structures in pure metals, applications of constitutional super cooling to castings, cast structures, gases & inclusions in castings, segregation, defects related to solidification, design of risers, runner systems and design of runners, elements of casting designs, foundry metallurgy of cast irons, production of S.G. iron and malleable iron, classification of gray cast iron, inoculation practice, ADI, steel foundry practice, melting practice, cupola, induction melting, melting of aluminum and copper alloys.


J. Campbell, Castings, Butterworth, 1991, London.
Heine and Rosenthal, Principles of Metal Casting, 1955, McGraw Hill, NY.
W. C. Winegard, Solidification of Metals, Institute of Metals 1964.


Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

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