Advances in Iron Making (PM700)

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Advances in Iron Making


M.Tech. in Process Metallurgy


Programme Core (PC)

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Different and emerging methods of Ironmaking, Modern developments in Ironmaking in the blast furnace, Preparation of inputs, Physico-chemical study of the reduction of iron ores and oxides, Deposits of coal and the developments in coke making process, Study of processes inside an iron blast furnace, Study of blast furnace slags, Heat exchange zones in blast furnace, Stoichiometry, Material and Heat Balance and introduction to Mathematical Modelling Recent trends in the operation of blast furnaces. Gas based DRI making by HyL, Midrex and fluidized
bed processes, Coal based DRI making by rotary kiln, vertical retort and rotary hearth, Electric pig iron furnace; Corex and other SR processes. Production of ferroalloys.


Making, Shaping and Treating of Steel, 10th Edition, Edited by United States Steel, 1985; or 11th Edition, Edited by the Association of Iron and Steel Engineers, 1999. A. Ghosh and A. Chatterjee, Ironmaking and Steelmaking; Theory and Practice, PHI Learning (P) Ltd., New Delhi 2008. A. K. Biswas, Principle of Blast Furnace iron making, SBA Publications, Calcutta, 1981 Strasburger, Brown, Stephenson & Dancy, B. F. Theory and Practice, Vol.I & II, 1969, Gordon & Reach, New York. Robert L. Stephenson, Direct reduced Iron – Technology & Economics of production and use, 1980, Iron & Steel Society of AMIE.


Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

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