S Anandhan

  • Gold medalist in both B.Sc. and M.Sc.

  • Two Indian patents.

  • Three Overseas research fellowships (KOSEF postdoctoral fellowship, Australia-India Council fellowship, ARC-ARNAM fellowship).

  • Won project grant under DST fast track scheme.

  • Editorial board member: International Journal of Energy Engineering, Hong Kong.

  • Elected Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India) in 2017.

  • Elected Fellow of the Indian Chemical Society in 2019.

  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2021.

Jagannatha Nayak

  • National Merit Scholarship for meritorious performance in Class X in the year 1980.

  • SMIORE gold medal for securing 1 rank in B.E. (Metallurgical Engineering) in the year 1987.

  • Excellent paper award  for the paper, “2 The Effect of Protective Coatings on the Oxidation Behavior of 6061Al/SiC Composite at High Temperatures” authored by S.Rajasekaran, in the Session No-12 of  International Conference on Manufacturing Science and Technology-ICMST 2011, Singapore.

  • Best paper Award  for the paper “Corrosion In hibition of 6061Al-15 V% SiC(p) Composite in Hydrochloric acid (Using Pyridinium salts of 1,3-Thiadiazole-2,5-dithioland1,2,4- Triazole-3,5-dithiol)”,at 13th  National Congress on Corrosion Control (NCCI) NMD,Mangalore,12-14October 2006.

K. Narayan Prabhu

  • National Metallurgists Day Young Metallurgists’ Award by the Ministry of Steel, Government of India, 1993.

  • BOYSCAST Visiting Fellow and Post Doctoral Research Associate at the University of Birmingham (1996-1997) and UMIST, Manchester (1998-2000).

  • Sir C.V. Raman Young Scientist Award in Engineering Science 2001 by the Government of Karnataka, India, February 2003.

  • DST-The Royal Society Visiting Scientist Award at the Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IRC) in Materials Processing, University of Birmingham, UK, 2005.

  • Editorial Board Member: International Journal of Cast Metals Research, Maney Publishers, UK.

  • National Metallurgist's Day (NMD) Award - Metallurgist of the Year in the Nonferrous Category, 2017.

Kumkum Banerjee

  • Two patents.

  • "Distinguished Woman in Metallurgical Engineering" award by Venus International Foundation, Chennai (March 2018). 

M. R. Rahman

  • Fellow of Academia Sinica, Taiwan.

  • Japanese government Scholarship (Monbukagakusho Scholarship), Japan.

Ravishankar K.S.

  • Best technical paper award for the paper “Austempered ductile iron for high strength and high fracture toughness”, “International Foundry Research” during Feb-2010.

Shashi Bhushan Arya

  • Direct-Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) from Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) New Delhi , 2003-2008.

  • Best poster Award  from International  Symposium on ‘Advanced Stainless Steels’ 2007, Chennai

  • Travel grants (500 $) award from The Electrochemical Society, New Jersey USA.

  • Best poster Award  from  NMD-ATM 2009, Indian Institute Metal (IIM) Kolkota.

  • Best poster Award  from CORCON 2013, New Delhi.

  • Best oral presentation Award from  NMD-ATM 2013, Varanasi

Subray R. Hegde

  • Introduced Super-Solidus Processing of Single crystal Superalloys.

  • Two International patents.

Dr. Saumen Mandal


(1)   Ashritha Salian, Saumen Mandal, “A method of preparing low temperature stabilized high entropy high-k oxides”, “Indian Patent”, Application Number 202141035822 dated 09/08/2021.(Filed)

(2)   Saumen Mandal, Dipti Gupta, Komalakrushna Hadagalli, Pavan Pujar, Shakya Kaushal Rajendraprasad,“Method and system for fabricating a porous ceramic structure using combustible pore former”, “Indian Patent”, Application Number 201841033533 dated 06/09/2018. (Filed)

(3)   Saumen Mandal, Bikesh Gupta, Pavan Pujar, Komala Krishna Hadagalli, Robbi Vivek Vardhan, “Fabrication of High Conductive Metallic Films at Low Temperature”,Indian Patent 347677, 24 September, 2020.(Granted)


(1) Project Title: Prawn shell-derived natural protein-based highly efficient UV protection coating for drug products.

PI: Dr Saumen Mandal

Co-PIs: Dr Saikat Dutta

Funding Agency: “Core Research Grant” from SCIENCE & ENGINEERING RESEARCH  BOARD (SERB), Amount: 35.2 Lakhs (February, 2022 – February, 2025)


(2) Project Title: Academia-industry outreach program on conventional and advanced ceramic manufacturing for the next generation of ceramics and glass engineers.

PI: Prof. Bikramjit Basu

Co-PIs: Prof. B. V. Manoj Kumar, Dr. Uttam K. Ghorai, Dr. Saumen Mandal, Mr. Sabyasachi Roy, Dr. Debdutt Patro, Mr. N. M. Dube

Funding Agency: “The Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation, The American Ceramic Society”, Amount: 11000USD (November, 2018 – November, 2019)


(3) Project Title: All solution processed transparent low temperature synthesized Indium Zinc Tin Oxide based high performances thin film transistors for active matrix displays.

PI: Dr Saumen Mandal

Funding Agency: “Early Career Research Award” from SCIENCE & ENGINEERING RESEARCH  BOARD (SERB), Amount: 21 Lakhs (December, 2016 – December, 2019)


Total number of publications: 41


Associate member of “Indian Institute of Ceramics”,

Life member of “Indian Ceramic Society”,

                        “Electron Microscope Society of India”,

                        “Indian Institute of Metal” and

                        “The Institute of Engineers (India)”


(1)   Abhishesh Pal, Komalakrushna Hadagalli, Poorvi Bhat, Vishesh Goel, Saumen Mandal, “Hydroxyapatite - A promising sunscreen filter”, Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society, 56 (2020) 345–351.

G Manjunath, Robbi Vivek Vardhan, Ashritha Salian, Rashi Jagannatha, Mayank Kedia and Saumen Mandal, “Effect of annealing temperature assisted phase evolution on conductivity of solution combustion processed calcium vanadium oxide electrodes”, Bulletin of Materials Science41 (2018) 126.

Sumanth Govindarajan

  • JEE 2002- AIR 3998

  • GATE 2005 (Metallurgy) - AIR 6


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