• Assistant Professor
    Areas of Interest: Advanced Materials Processing; Advanced Coatings – Thermal Spray & Cold Spray Tech; Nanostructured Coatings for high temperature and energy materials applications; Additive Manufacturing & Repair Technology; Materials Testing
  • Assistant Lecturer (Temporary)
    Areas of Interest: Biomaterials, Al/Mg alloys/composites, corrosion, precipitation kinetics, materials characterization (XRD, SEM, EBSD, TEM)
  • Professor
    Areas of Interest: Heat treatment; Corrosion of MMCs; Ceramics; Materials Characterization
  • Professor (HAG)
    Areas of Interest: Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing with special interest in solidification and quenching; Heat transfer; Lead-free solders – Wettability and Solder Joint Reliability; Nanofluids; Thermal interface and Energy Storage materials; Melt treatment of Al-Si alloys 
  • Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest: Thermo mechanical Processing and Microstructural Characterization of Metallic Alloys; Physical Metallurgy of Welding of Steels and Aerospace Alloys; Corrosion and Hydrogen Embrittlement of Metals; Texture in Metals; Structure-Property Correlation; Recrystallization and Precipitation Kinetics; Product Development in Steel
  • Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest: Crystal growth; Structural and Magnetic Characterization of Semiconductors; Carbon Nanotube and Graphene
  • Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest: Severe Plastic Deformation
  • Associate Professor & Head
    Areas of Interest: Mechanical behaviour of materials; Phase transformation; Composite materials
  • Professor
    Areas of Interest: Advanced Functional Nanofibers; Energy Materials; Polymer Nanocomposites; Polymer Blends; Waste Management.
  • Assistant Professor
    Areas of Interest: Thin film technology; Energy storage devices; Solution combustion synthesis; Large area printing; Marine bioceramics; Oxide and Non oxide advanced ceramics; Solution processed multifunctional oxide coatings.
  • Assistant Professor
    Areas of Interest: Functional Materials for Tissue Regeneration; NICE Hydrogels; Silk Proteins; Biopolymers
  • Assistant Professor
    Areas of Interest: High temperature oxidation and hot-corrosion, thermal barrier coatings, flow accelerated corrosion petroleum pipeline, ultra-fine grained materials, metallic foams, RCC for marine environments, tribo-corrosion and fretting corrosion in bio-implants, high entropy alloys, nano-composite coatings
  • Associate Professor
    Areas of Interest: High Temperature Materials; Directional Solidification; Thermomechanical Processing; Failure Analysis
  • Assistant Professor
    Areas of Interest: Wear and Erosion; Oxidation and corrosion; PVD and thermal spray coatings; High temperature materials; Mechanical properties and structural characterization
  • Professor
    Areas of Interest: Surface Engineering, Energy Materials, Electrodeposition, Tribological Studies, Welding Engineering
  1. Sundara Shettigar (Senior Attendant)
  2. Lokesh Naik (Attendant)
  3. Yogish (Attendant)
  4. Vinaya D Shettigar (Temporary Staff)
  5. Sharmila Dinesh (Temporary Staff)
  6. Yashvanth K S (Temporary Staff)
  7. Dinesha (Temporary Staff)
  8. Satish (Mechanic)
  9. Sachin (Temporary Staff)

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