Advances in Steel Makeing (PM800)

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Advances in Steel Makeing


M.Tech. in Process Metallurgy




Elective Courses (Ele)

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(3-0-0) 3

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Review of the development in steelmaking processes, Physico - Chemical and Thermodynamic Principles of important reactions in steelmaking, deoxidation of steel. Basic oxygen steelmaking processes, developments in L.D. converter, Bottom oxygen process and combined blowing, energy optimizing furnace (EOF) process. Steelmaking in electric arc furnaces, principles and practice adopted for stainless steel production, recent developments in stainless steel making, recent developments in electric arc furnace practice. Steelmaking in electric arc furnace, recent developments. Conarc process, steel making in induction furnace. Secondary steel making processes, ladle furnace method, injection metallurgy, vacuum treatment of liquid molten steel, Non - metallic inclusions in steel – Mechanism of formation and removal, Principles and practice adopted for stainless steel production, recent developments in stainless steel making. Electro-slag refining and vacuum Arc Re-melting, vaccum induction melting, plasma melting, electron beam melting and microwave melting. Continuous casting of steel, fluid flow in the tundish, moulds used for continuous casting, use of casting powder, electro-magnetic stirring, defects in continuous casting products, Introduction to mathematical modeling of continuous casting process.


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Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

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