Composite Materials

Course Name: 

Composite Materials (MT471)


B.Tech (MME)




Programme Specific Electives (PSE)

Credits (L-T-P): 

(3-0-0) 3

Course Outcomes: 

CO1: To familiarize classification of composites with types of fibers and matrices, and manufacturing, mechanical properties, and applications of composites
CO2: Calculate axial and transverse moduli and strengths for unidirectional, continuous and discontinuous, fiber-reinforced composites and laminate composites
CO3: Identify and describe different types of material processing techniques for composites

Course modules and teaching hours: 

Module 1 (10 hours):
Introduction, Definition, classification, behaviors of unidirectional composites, Reinforcements, whiskers, matrix materials, polymers, metals, ceramics, interfaces: wettability, crystallographic nature, interactions, types of bonding

Module 2 (10 hours):
Processing of thermoset matrix composites, thermoplastic matrix composites, structure and properties, structural defects, mechanical properties applications.

Module 3 (10 hours):
liquid-state processes, solid state processes, properties, thermal characteristics, aging, fatigue and creep applications, electronic-grade MMCs, ceramic matrix composites: processing, infiltration, directed oxidation properties, toughness, thermal shock

Module 4 (8 hours):
Analysis of PMC, CMC and MMC - Recent advances in processing of composite materials- Natural composites, carbon-carbon composites - composite structures for engineering applications


Krishan K , Chawla , Composite Material Science and Engineering , Springer, 2nd edition - 1999
P.C. Mallik , Fiber Reinforced Composites , Marcel Decker- 2nd edition, 1993
Mein Schwartz , Composite Materials Handbook - Mc Graw Hill, 2nd edition , 1992 Autar K Kaw
Mechanics of Composite Materials - CRC Press New York. – 2nd edition, 1997. Rober M. Joness
Mechanics of Composite Materials -Taylor & Francis Group, 2nd edition, 1999. M. W. Hyer, Scott


Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Total teaching hours: 


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