Metallurgical Thermodynamics and Kinetics

Course Name: 

Metallurgical Thermodynamics and Kinetics (MT201)


B.Tech (MME)




Programme Core (PC)

Credits (L-T-P): 

(3-1-0) 4

Course Outcomes: 

CO1: The unique methodology/approach of metallurgical thermodynamics which is to arrive at phase diagram like representations of equilibrium in various systems using the fundamental laws of thermodynamics, the mathematical treatment, the experimentally obtained material data

CO2: The students should learn the importance of the thermodynamics in solving some of the metallurgically relevant problems

CO3: The students should appreciate the link between the free energy composition curves and phase diagrams which forms the basis of metallurgical engineering

CO4: The students should understand the kinetic limitations to achieve equilibrium conditions and how, the activation energy of process hints towards the mechanism of a multi-step reaction

Course modules and teaching hours: 

Module 1 (14 hours): Review of first and second laws of thermodynamics, Maxwell's relations; free energy concept and applications, general strategy of deriving thermodynamic relations; third law of thermodynamics; problem-solving

Module 2 (14 hours): Solutions, partial molar properties, Gibbs-Duhem equation, fugacity, activity, equilibrium constant; regular solutions, integration of G-D equation, dilute solutions, interaction parameter; equilibrium in thermodynamic systems, problem-solving

Module 3 (12 hours): Structure of unary phase diagrams in (P,T) space, Clausius -Clapeyron equation, triple point, alternative representation of unary diagrams; Gibbs phase rule, Free energy-composition diagrams, problem-solving

Module 4 (10 hours): Ellingham diagrams; activation energy, effect of activation energy on reaction rate, chemically controlled reactions (both ideal and non-ideal systems)


Robert T. DeHoff, Thermodynamics in Materials Science, McGraw Hill International, 1993.
David R Gaskell, Introduction to Metallurgical Thermodynamics, McGraw Hill International, 1973.
G.S.Upadhyaya and R.S.Dube, Problems in Metallurgical Thermodynamics and Kinetics, Pergamon, 1977.
Ahindra Ghosh, Textbook of Materials & Metallurgical Thermodynamics, PHI, 2003.
Hem Shankar Roy, Kinetics of Metallurgical Reactions, Oxford, BH, 1993.


Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

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