Polymer Science and Technology

Course Name: 

Polymer Science and Technology (MT203)


B.Tech (MME)




Programme Core (PC)

Credits (L-T-P): 

(3-0-0) 3

Course Outcomes: 

CO1: Students will be able to identify suitable polymer(s) for a given application
CO2: Understanding properties of a polymer by relating them to its structure
CO3: Identifying a suitable molding and forming process for a given application
CO4: Applying fundamentals in real life situations

Course modules and teaching hours: 

Module 1: Fundamentals of polymer science (10 hours)
Introduction; Different types of polymerization and their mechanism; Nomenclature of polymers; Polymer molecular architecture; Bulk, suspension, emulsion and solution crystallinity; Thermal transitions in polymers

Module 2: Polymeric materials (12 hours)
Property Requirements and Polymer Utilization; Thermoplastics - Commodity and engineering plastics; Thermosets; Elastomers; Natural rubber and synthetic rubbers
Thermoplastic elastomers; Blends & reinforced polymers

Module 3: Polymer Reactions (4 hours)
Polymer Modification; Polymer degradation

Module 4: Properties of polymers (10 hours)
Viscoelastic behavior of plastics; Time – temperature superposition; Stress-strain behavior; fracture; creep; hardness; impact behavior; Methods to improve mechanical properties; Basics of polymer rheology; Permeability; electrical; optical and flammability properties

Module 5: Compounding and processing of polymers (6 hours)
Plastics Technology; Fiber Technology; Elastomer technology


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Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

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