Mohammad Rizwanur Rahman


Associate Professor

Professional Experience: 

8.5 years of Professional experience out of which 7 years at NITK

Contact Details


rizwan [at]
rizwan [at]

Academic Background

Academic Backround: 

• Ph.D (Keio University) & March 2011.
• M.Tech (IIT Kapur) & 2007.
• B.Tech (NIFFT, Ranchi University) & 2005.

Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest: 

Crystal growth; Structural and Magnetic Characterization of Semiconductors; Carbon Nanotube and Graphene

Supervision of Ph.D

Supervision of Ph.D: 

Ongoing : 6

Significant Publications

Significant Publications: 

5. B. Koteswararao, R. Kumar, P. Khuntia, Sayantika Bhowal, S. K. Panda, M. R. Rahman, A. V. Mahajan, I. Dasgupta, M. Baenitz, Kee Hoon Kim, and F. C. Chou Magnetic properties and heat capacity of the three-dimensional frustrated S = ½ antiferromagnet PbCuTe2O6 Phys. Rev. B 90 (2014), 035141.
4. Rajat Ramteke, Kalpana Kumari, Soumalya Bhattacharya, M. R. Rahman, Synthesis and characterization of zinc oxide incorporated iron borate glass-ceramic, Journal of Alloys and Compound: 811, (2019), 151876. (Impact Factor: 3.778)
3. Sandeep Singh Chauhan, Deepak Kumar, Poornendu Chaturvedi, and M. R. Rahman, Highly Sensitive and Stable NO2 Gas Sensors Based on Random and Aligned Networks of SWCNTs, IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology (Accepted)
2. T. Itahashi, H. Hayashi, M. R. Rahman, K. M. Itoh, L. S. Vlasenko, M. P. Vlasenko, and D. S. Poloskin: Optical and dynamic nuclear polarization of 29Si nuclei via photo excited triplet states of radiation defects in isotopically controlled silicon Phys. Rev. B 87 (2013), 075201
1. Sunil Mathi, M. R. Rahman, Imteyaz Ahmad, Udaya Bhat K, Chemicals free synthesis of graphene oxide in the preparation of reduced graphene oxide-zinc oxide nanocomposite with improved photocatalytic properties, Applied Surface science: 451, (2018) 67-75 (Impact Factor: 3.38)



1. DST-IMPRINT Project: Development of Cost-Effective Magneto-Rheological (MR) Fluid Damper in Two wheelers and Four Wheelers Automobile to Improve Ride Comfort and Stability (Co-Investigator)
2. Fellow of Academia Sinica, Taiwan.
3. Japanese government Scholarship (Monbukagakusho Scholarship), Japan.


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