Subray R. Hegde


Associate Professor

Professional Experience: 

6 years of Professional experience out of which one year at NITK.

Contact Details


hegdesr [at]
hegdesr [at]

Academic Background

Academic Backround: 

• Ph.D (Carleton University) 2010
• MASc (University of British Columbia) 2006
• MSc[Engg.] (Indian Institute of Science) 2003
• BE (NITK-Surathkal) 1999

Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest: 

High Temperature Materials; Directional Solidification; Thermomechanical Processing; Failure Analysis

Significant Projects

Significant Projects: 

• Thermomechanical processing for creep resistance
• Super-solidus processing

Supervision of Ph.D

Supervision of Ph.D: 

Ongoing : 1

Significant Publications

Significant Publications: 

1. Mahyar Asadi, Dominic Guillot, Arnaud Weck, Subray R. Hegde, Ashok K. Koul, Trevor Swatzky and Henry Saari, Constructing a validated deformation mechanism map using low temperature creep strain accommodation processes for Nickel-base alloy 718, Proceedings of Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference, ASME (2012) 65-73

2.S.R. Hegde, R.M. Kearsey, J.C. Beddoes, Designing homogenization-solution heat treatments for single crystal superalloys, Materials Science and Engineering A, 527 (2010) 5528.

3. S.R. Hegde, R.M. Kearsey, H. Saari, J.C. Beddoes, Microstructure refinement of as-cast single crystal superalloys by re-solidification, Advanced Materials Research 89 (2010) 250.

4. S.R. Hegde, R.M. Kearsey, J.C. Beddoes, Design of solutionizing heat treatments for an experimental single crystal superalloy, Superalloys 2008, TMS (2008) 301-310

5. S.R. Hegde, R.M. Kearsey, J.C. Beddoes, Resolidification behaviour of single-crystal superalloys, Scripta Materialia, 57 (2007) 837.



• Introduced Super-Solidus Processing of Single crystal Superalloys
• S.R. Hegde, N. Chalasani, Submerged combustion burner and melter, and method of use,International patent applied for Johns Manville Corporation -2013
• S. R. Hegde, “Submerged Combustion Burners” – International patent applied for Johns Manville Corporation-2013

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Dr. Ravishankar K. S, Head
Department of MME, NITK, Surathkal
P. O. Srinivasnagar, Mangaluru - 575 025
Karnataka, India.
  • Hot line: +91-0824-2473050

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Faculty Co-ordinator: Dr. Saumen Mandal 

Student Co-ordinator: Yoganath P