Saumen Mandal


Associate Professor

Professional Experience: 

10 years of Professional experience out of which 8 years at NITK

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Academic Background

Academic Backround: 

• Ph.D, IIT Kanpur (2012)
• M.Tech, IIT BHU (2006)
• B.Tech, University of Calcutta (2003)

Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest: 

Thin film technology; Energy storage devices; Solution combustion synthesis; Large area printing; Marine bioceramics; Oxide and Non oxide advanced ceramics; Solution processed multifunctional oxide coatings.



Significant Projects

Significant Projects: 

(1) Project Title: Prawn shell-derived natural protein-based highly efficient UV protection coating for drug products. (CRG/2021/001084)
PI: Dr Saumen Mandal; Co-PIs: Dr Saikat Dutta
Funding Agency: “Core Research Grant” from SCIENCE & ENGINEERING RESEARCH BOARD (SERB), Amount: 35.2 Lakhs (February, 2022 – February, 2025)

(2) Project Title: Academia-industry outreach program on conventional and advanced ceramic manufacturing for the next generation of ceramics and glass engineers.
PI: Prof. Bikramjit Basu; Co-PIs: Prof. B. V. Manoj Kumar, Dr. Uttam K. Ghorai, Dr. Saumen Mandal, Mr. Sabyasachi Roy, Dr. Debdutt Patro, Mr. N. M. Dube
Funding Agency: “The Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation, The American Ceramic Society”, Amount: 11000USD (November, 2018 – November, 2019)

(3) Project Title: All solution processed transparent low temperature synthesized Indium Zinc Tin Oxide based high performances thin film transistors for active matrix displays. (ECR/2015/000339)
PI: Dr Saumen Mandal
Funding Agency: “Early Career Research Award” from SCIENCE & ENGINEERING RESEARCH BOARD (SERB), Amount: 21 Lakhs (December, 2016 – December, 2019)

Supervision of Ph.D

Supervision of Ph.D: 

5 completed 3 ongoing



Significant Publications

Significant Publications: 

(1) Perabathula Satish, Komalakrushna Hadagalli, Lakkimsetti Lakshmi Praveen, Mahin Saif Nowl, Asiful H Seikh, Ibrahim A Alnaser, Hany S Abdo, Saumen Mandal, “Hydroxyapatite–Clay Composite for Bone Tissue Engineering: Effective Utilization of Prawn Exoskeleton Biowaste”, Inorganics 11 (2023) 427.
(2) Ashritha Salian, Lakkimsetti Lakshmi Praveen, Santhra Krishnan P, Saumen Mandal, “Exploration of the role of Mg-O on phase stabilization in solution combustion processed rocksalt structured high entropy oxide (CoCuMgZnNi)O with high dielectric performance”, Ceramics International, 49 (2023) 31131-31143.
(3) Perabathula Satish, Ashritha Salian, Komalakrushna Hadagalli, Saumen Mandal, “Preparation and structural characteristics of biphasic calcium phosphates from prawn shell bio-waste”, Advances in Applied Ceramics, Published online 10 Jul 2023.
(4) Robbi Vivek Vardhan, Manjunath G, P Nagaraju, Saumen Mandal, “Tracing of ammonia gas by solution-combustion-derived pristine and Nb-doped TiO2 films: beneficial impact of crystallinity and adsorbed oxygen on the gas response”, Journal of Electronic Materials, 52 (2023) 6360–6377.
(5) Ashritha Salian, Akshay Prasad K, Saumen Mandal, “Phase stabilized solution combustion processed (Ce0.2La0.2Pr0.2Sm0.2Y0.2)O1.6-δ: An exploration of the dielectric properties”, Journal of Alloys and compounds, 960 (2023) 170786.
(6) Ashritha Salian, Pradyut Sengupta, Itheesha V A, Avinash Gowda, Saumen Mandal, “A review on high entropy silicides and silicates: Fundamental aspects, synthesis, properties”, International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, 20 (2023) 2635-2660.
(7) Robbi Vivek Vardhan, G Manjunath, P. Nagaraju, Saumen Mandal, “Ammonia gas detection by solution combustion-processed pristine & Ti-doped ZnO transparent films: a reverse effect of doping on gas response”, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 34 (2023) 986.
(8) Ashritha Salian, Pavan Pujar, Robbi Vivek Vardhan, Haewon Cho, Sunkook Kim, Saumen Mandal, “Evolution of High Dielectric Permittivity in Low-Temperature Solution Combustion-Processed Phase-Pure High Entropy Oxide (CoMnNiFeCr) O for Thin Film Transistors”, ACS Applied Electronic Materials, 5 (2023) 2608–2623.
(9) Robbi Vivek Vardhan, Nitesh Eknath Chaudhari, Pavan Pujar and Saumen Mandal, “A revisit to solution-processed zirconia and its stabilized derivatives as protective coatings for base-stainless steel”, Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences, Published online 19 Jul 2022.
(10) Robbi Vivek Vardhan, Subodh Kumar, Saumen Mandal, “Fabrication of minimal capital-intensive scratch-resistant and hydrophobic tungsten oxide film on stainless steel through spray pyrolysis", Surface and Interface Analysis, 54 (2022) 510-523.
(11) Santhra Krishnan P, Ashritha Salian, Saikat Dutta and Saumen Mandal, “A roadmap to UV-protective natural resources: classification, characteristics, and applications”, Materials Chemistry Frontiers, 5 (2021) 7696-7723.
(12) Ashritha Salian, Saumen Mandal, “Entropy stabilized multicomponent oxides with diverse functionality–a review”, Critical Reviews in Solid State and Materials Sciences, 47 (2021) 142-193.
(13) G. Manjunath, P. Nagaraju, Saumen Mandal, “Ultra-sensitive clogging free combustible molecular precursor-based screen-printed ZnO sensors: a detection of ammonia and formaldehyde breath markers”, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 32 (2021) 5713–5728.
(14) V. R. Akhil Raj, Komalakrushna Hadagalli, Premanshu Jana, Saumen Mandal, “Improved Fracture Toughness and Crack Arrest Ability of Graphene–Alumina Nanocomposite”, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 30 (2021) 1234–1244.
(15) Komalakrushna Hadagalli, Sulakshana Shenoy, Kaushal R Shakya, G Manjunath, Kartick Tarafder, Saumen Mandal, Bikramjit Basu, “Effect of Fe3+ substitution on the structural modification and band structure modulated UV absorption of hydroxyapatite”, International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, Published online 18 (2020) 332-344.
(16) G. Manjunath, P. Nagaraju, Saumen Mandal, "A comparative study on enhancer and inhibitor of glycine nitrate combusted ZnO screen printed sensor: Detection of low concentration ammonia at room temperature", Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 31 (2020) 10366–10380.
(17) Komalakrushna Hadagalli, Rahul Kumar, Saumen Mandal, Bikramjit Basu, “Structural, compositional and spectral investigation of prawn exoskeleton nanocomposite: UV protection from mycosporine-like amino acids”, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 249 (2020) 123002.
(18) Pavan Pujar; Abhishesh Pal; Saumen Mandal, “Combustion aided in situ consolidation of high strength porous ceramic structures with a minimum thermal budget”, Materials Letters 265 (2020) 127410.
(19) Manjunath G, Sanjay Pujari, D. R. Patil, Saumen Mandal, “A scalable screen-printed high performance ZnO-UV and Gas Sensor: Effect of solution combustion”, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 107 (2020) 104828.
(20) Manjunath G, Pavan Pujar, Bikesh Gupta, Dipti Gupta, Saumen Mandal, “Low-temperature reducible particle-free screen-printable silver ink for the fabrication of high conductive electrodes”, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 30 (20) (2019) 18647–18658.
(21) Pavan Pujar, Bikesh Gupta, Pradyut Sengupta, Dipti Gupta, Saumen Mandal, “Sodium ion incorporated alumina - A versatile anisotropic ceramic”, The Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 39 (15) (2019) 4473-4486.
(22) Mayur Jiyalal Prajapati, Robbi Vivek Vardhan, Saumen Mandal, “Effect of Lanthanum on the phase evolution of perovskite barium stannate synthesized through polymerized complex method”, Ceramics International 45 (14) (2019) 17420.
(23) Pavan Pujar, Dipti Gupta, Saumen Mandal, “High-performance low voltage operation of indium zinc tin oxide thin film transistors using chemically derived sodium β-alumina dielectric”, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 30(10) (2019) 9097–9105.
(24) Komalakrushna Hadagalli, Asish Kumar Panda, Saumen Mandal, Bikramjit Basu “Faster biomineralization and tailored mechanical properties of marine resource-derived hydroxyapatite scaffolds with tunable interconnected porous architecture”, ACS Applied Bio Materials 2 (2019) 2171-2184.
(25) Ashritha Salian, Pavan Pujar, Saumen Mandal, “Facile in-situ formation of high conductive Ag and CuxOy composite films: a role of aqueous spray combustion”, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 30 (3) (2019) 2888-2897.
(26) Pavan Pujar, Robbi Vivek Vardhan, Dipti Gupta, Saumen Mandal, “A balancing between super transparency and conductivity of solution combustion derived titanium doped indium oxide: effect of charge carrier density and mobility”, Thin Solid Films 660 (2018) 267-275.
(27) Bikesh Gupta, Pavan Pujar, Sib Sankar Mal, Dipti Gupta, Saumen Mandal, “Retention of high dielectric constant sodium beta alumina via solution combustion: role of aluminum ions complexation with fuel”, Ceramics International 44 (2018) 1500-1511.
(28) Pavan Pujar, Srinivas Gandla, Mukesh Singh, Bikesh Gupta, Kartick Tarafder, Dipti Gupta, Yong-Young Noh and Saumen Mandal, “Development of low temperature stoichiometric solution combustion derived transparent conductive ternary zinc tin co-doped indium oxide electrodes”, RSC Advances 7 (2017) 48253–48262.
(29) Soyeon Kim, Bernardi Sanyoto, Won-Tae Park, Seyul Kim, Saumen Mandal, Jong-Choo Lim, Yong-Young Noh, Jung-Hyun Kim, “Purification of PEDOT:PSS by Ultrafiltration for Highly Conductive Transparent Electrode of All-Printed Organic Devices”, Advanced Materials 8 (2016) 10149–10154.
(30) Saumen Mandal and Yong-Young Noh, “Printed Organic Thin-Film Transistor-Based Integrated Circuits”, Semiconductor Science and Technology 30 (2015) pp 064003.
(31) Saumen Mandal, Giorgio Dell'Erba, Alessandro Luzio, Sadir Gabriele Bucella, Andrea Perinot, Alberto Calloni, Giulia Berti, Gianlorenzo Bussetti, Lamberto Duò, Antonio Facchetti, Yong-Young Noh, and Mario Caironi “Fully-printed, all-polymer, bendable and highly transparent complementary logic circuits” Organic Electronics 20 (2015) pp 132–141.
(32) Ashish Gupta, Saumen Mandal, Monica Katiyar, Yashowanta N Mohapatra, “Film processing characteristics of nano gold suitable for conductive application on flexible substrates”, Thin Solid Films, Vol 520 (2012) pp 5664–5670.
(33) Siddhartha Omar, Saumen Mandal, Arjit Ashok, A.R. Harish, Monica Katiyar, “Organic Inverter: Theoretical Analysis Using Load Matching Technique”, Microelectronics Reliability, Vol 51 (2011) pp 2173–2178.



(1) Ashritha Salian, Saumen Mandal, “A method of preparing low temperature stabilized high entropy high-k oxides”, “Indian Patent”, Application Number 202141035822 dated 09/08/2021. (Filed)
(2) Saumen Mandal, Dipti Gupta, Komalakrushna Hadagalli, Pavan Pujar, Shakya Kaushal Rajendraprasad, “Method and system for fabricating a porous ceramic structure using combustible pore former”, Indian Patent 436150, 26 June 2023.(Granted)
(3) Saumen Mandal, Bikesh Gupta, Pavan Pujar, Komala Krishna Hadagalli, Robbi Vivek Vardhan, “Fabrication of High Conductive Metallic Films at Low Temperature”, Indian Patent 347677, 24 September, 2020.(Granted)
(4) S Mandal, M Katiyar, “Organic thin film transistors and methods for their manufacturing and use”, US Patent 9680097 B2, June 13, 2017.(Granted)
(5) Saumen Mandal, Rahul Sharma and Monica Katiyar, “A hybrid ink formulation and a method for preparing the same”, Indian patent 317139, Application Number 1161/DEL/2012 dated 16th April, 2012. (Granted)
• Winner of “NanoArtography Competition 2023: The Art of Capturing Beauty at the Nanoscale” to Mr. Lakkimsetti Lakshmi Praveen, working under the guidance of Dr. Saumen Mandal, organized by Purdue University, USA on 30th September 2023
• “Metallography Contest Award” to Mr. Mahin Saif Nowl, working under the guidance of Dr. Saikat Dutta and Dr. Saumen Mandal, in the International Conference on Advances in Minerals, Metals, Materials, Manufacturing and Modelling (ICAM5-2023) (September 22nd – 23rd, 2023), organized by The NIT Warangal.
• Best paper award in "International Conference on Women in Electrochemistry (ICWEC 2023), Electrochemical Society of India, April 7-8, 2023, IISc Bengaluru, India.
• Best paper award in “National Symposium on Electrochemical Science and Technology (NSEST 2021)”, June 24th – 25th, 2022, IISc Bengaluru, India.
• Awarded by MANOHAR PARRIKAR PRASHASTI for propelling the frontier of GLOBALPOWERINDIA 2021 from Rethink India on 09th September 2021.
• Certificate of Achievement for excellent performance in Outreach Program 2018-19 from “The Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation, The American Ceramic Society”.
• Best poster award in (a) “National Conference on Processing of Materials (NCOPOM18)”, September 19-21, 2018, NITK Surathkal, India and (b) “International Conference on Surface Engineering”, August 9th – 11th, 2018, IISc Bengaluru, India.
• Best poster award in (a) “International Conference on Nanotechnology (ICNano-2016)”, April, 21-23, 2016, Bangaluru, India and (b) “International Conference Smart Materials and Technologies for Emerging Electronics (IC-SMTEE-2016)”, February 19 and 20, 2016, Mangalore, India.
• Prestigious “Gandhian Young Technological Award, 2014”- from Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions, Govt of India.
• “Invention Award” of USD 10000 from Intellectual Venture Asia for US Patent on 16th May, 2013.
• “Invention Award” of USD 1000 from Intellectual Venture Asia on 20th April, 2012.
• Best poster award in (a) “International Conference on Nano Science and Technology” (ICONSAT 2010), February 17-20, 2010 and (b) “XVth International Workshop on the Physics of Semiconductor Devices”, December 15-19, 2009.
• Gold medalist in Master of Technology, IIT-Banaras Hindu University, 2006 for being University topper

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